Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Update #001

Hello :)
It's been disgustingly long since I last posted and for that, I can only apologise. So I thought I would dust off the keyboard and give you a little update as to what I've been doing.

Since my last post (and my exam) I had to go mega crazy with coursework for a week and then needed to relax, hence the radio silence.

Bedside table arranging - My Valentines face - Revamping my makeup shelf - Colouring in some shoes - Trying to strengthen my nails - My pretty new bedding courtesy of Ikea

I bought a cactus! His name is Ernest - Adding to the dream catchers above my bed - My new hair saviors - My everyday face at the moment - The sun! It has returned! - Some cheeky Superdrug shopping

So as you can possibly tell, this past week or so has consisted of a lot of shopping and a fair bit of organising too. I was down at my Dad's for a few days where the shopping is a lot better so I spent too much money both there and with my mum in Ikea as well as building up a massive wishlist. Oops. 
Valentines day also happened. I am not a fan of the craziness that surrounds Valentines but it was a good excuse for the boy and I to grab a Nando's and see the new Die Hard film (ah-may-zing. Bruce Willis' son in the film is yummy. Is it just me who find the whole action-mud-and-blood covered thing hot?). We are both massive Die Hard fans and so pleased that it came out on Valentines! 
I'm currently craving some yummy smelling wax melts (like candle but you melt them in an oil burner) so will leave you here and get to googling.
What have you been up to recently?

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