Wednesday, 31 October 2012

October Favourites

Favourites are something I always like in other peoples blogs and videos so I compiled mine last night. I love that sense of satisfaction knowing I have shown some products some love and recognised their awesomeness.

Tweezerman Pointed tweezers and x10 magnifying mirror.
These have changed my brows life forever. My eyebrows have never looked as neat as they do now; the mirror shows up every single tiny hair and the tweezers are so precise that I can get at all of them. There's a very therapeutic aspect to really going to town on my brows. WARNING! This mirror, while a godsend for brow maintainence, shows up every. single. imperfection. Pores aplenty, blemishes I didn't know existed and random crazy freckles on my eyelids that don't show up with normal mirrors. And don't even get me started on the dark circles... *shudders* Just don't look at your face in that thing for too long or you'll go insane.

Soap&Glory Archery brow tint and pencil. I bought this with my tweezers and mirror as the pencil I had been using was way too light and orangey. If my brows are the right shape, hey will bloody well be the right colour too. I love this, I use the tint to define and the pencil to fill the whole thing in. If I'm in a hurry then I use the pencil by itself. This was on the pricey side, but worth it for the definition it gives my brows. 

Sally Hansen Twinkle Twinkle glitter nail polish. This is a favourite because I've been using it over a lot of nail colours. It's got blue, silver and holo glitter in it so looks great over cooler toned colours and I have just found myself reaching for it very often. It lasts a good time too, it doesn't chip horribly and if it's over a long-lasting base colour it all stays put.

MUA Pro eye primer. This is nothing particularly special but is a cheap-as-chips eye primer. It does the job; eyeshadow stays put and look more intense. I also don't get that attractive eyeshadow-where-blusher-should-be look if I do a speed walk in the rain, where my makeup usually ends up a foot South of where it was put. This makes me happy.

Real Techniques buffing brush. This has made my foundation look so good! It doesn't take much longer to apply my foundation with it than if I used my fingers and gives a more even finish. The only issue is if the foundation is particularly quick to set and needs fast blending. In that case, I do my face one area at a time (instead of dabbing all over and then going in to blend) and use my fingers to meld it all together. Perfecto. 

Ooh that was fun. Makeup and talking are pastimes of mine and so I enjoyed this very much.
What have you been loving this month? Do you use any of these products?

Loves of Late

This being a new blog, I decided to start with something that would be a little bit of an introduction to me and Cinnamon & Sparkle. So, here we have my 'Loves of Late' to which full credit for both idea and image go to Louise of Sprinkle of Glitter, whose blog and YouTube I am quite in love with.

Autumn and cosiness. By which I mean big jumpers, cinnamon coffee, dark purple nail polish and gradually darkening days. My birthday was right at the start of Autumn and I am now fully looking forward to the festive season! Christmas is definitely on of my favourite times of year, but I am getting ahead of the date, I can't help but feel. For now, I am loving lighting candles and snuggling up with blankets in the evening after a day out in the cold.

Pinterest and pretty things. I have recently discovered Pinterest (look!) and am a woman obsessed. I have been introduced to so many pretty things which has made me feel a lot more creative and also helped to cheer me up from a bout of the October Blues.

Lovely plans. I love having something to look forward to! I have been making plans with my dear friendses and lovely boyfriend and actually getting out of the house (unnecessary duvet-attatchment is a sorry symptom of the October Blues). I have seen Marina and the Diamonds (brilliant live) and Muse!! Literally so amazing! Amongst other things I have been coercing friends into shopping trips and coffee chats as everybody is so busy that I don't see them as much as I like.

London. I freakin' love our nations dear capital. I went avec my boyfriend at the end of last week to see Muse (!) and we spent two days there mooching around, shopping and the like. I love it so much, and I even managed to have a browse along Oxford street. Hurrah! I'm going again on Friday with my mum and we are visiting the British Musem, often referred to as Sylvie's Favourite Place on the Planet. That is all.

Beauty blogs and vlogs. Part of the reason for creating Cinnamon & Sparkle is because I really love reading blogs and watching Youtube videos. I thought that creating a blog would be fun and a hobby, and give me an outlet for my nail polish obsession and glitter cravings. I won't list here, mainly because it would be too long, my favourite blogs/youtube channels - that can go on my list.

All the small things. Like cosy charity shop jumpers, new books and seeing my boyfriend for ten minutes in the middle of the day. I really am very lucky so whenever I feel a bit down I try and concentrate on the little things that make my day. And really, there are quite a few.

Typing this out has, in fact, really cheered up my evening. Thinking about the things that make you happy can cheer you up, I have always found. Perhaps I will include something like this as a regular feature, 'things that made me happy this week'... I'll work on it.
What have you been enjoying lately?

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

NOTD: Alter Ego


After buying the Alter Ego collection the first thing I did was pick up the 'Alter Ego' shade and get to work on my stubby nails. I loves it!

 Alter Ego with Flash
Alter Ego without flash.

This. Shade. Ohmygoodness. It's hard to describe, a purple/taupe base packed full of rainbow shimmer is probably the best I can do. The top photograph shows it more purple than it is in life (although England has been permanently dark and misty so I can't tell you if it shows up purple in the sun). 

Application was beautiful, the photos show three coats but it would have been good with two. Wear wasn't so amazing, you can see a little chip on my index finger in the bottom photo. However, this was without a top coat and nail polish always, always chips and peels on me so I've gotten used to it.

 Look at that colour!

It looks very silvery in the bottle but that shimmer has a lot more rainbow gorgeousness on the nail.
I also felt like this was perfect for autumn; deep dusky base colour to go with the weather and then some awesome shimmer to cheer me up. This is one I will be wearing a lot I feel, although I do have a myriad of other new Color Club polishes to work through first... Although it's not like that's a bad thing!

What do you think of this colour?

Monday, 29 October 2012

Shopping my Stash #001

I have rather too much makeup and so will be 'shopping my stash' every week so often to dig out some products that I need to get some more use out of! Hopefully, success and daylight permitting, I can then post some pictures of my face with my stash shopped products on. That sentence doesn't make much sense, does it? On with the show!

Sleek Mediterranean palette and MUA Pro Heaven and Earth palette.
I do love both these palettes but they have both just fallen by the wayside. The Sleek I used a lot in the summer last year and, looking at it, a lot of he colours are very appropriate for Autumn too. The Heaven and Earth is full of such pretty shimmery colours but when I bought the Undressed palette I kind of forgot about this one. No more! Expect to see this on my face very soon.

Boots Natural Collection blush in Peach Melba and MUA Blush in shade 4.
Peach Melba is matte and the MUA has a more satin finish. These are both cheap and cheerful so I bought them on impulse then haven't used them much which is unfair because they are really pretty! Peach Melba would work as a contour and blush in one for when I'm lazy and the MUA is a really pretty pink blush. 

Body Shop Christmas 2011 lip balms and Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick shade 26.
These lip balms are all cosy Christmas scents so I haven't used them at all since last year! All smell gorgeous and have slight shimmer and colour in, while being nice and moisturising at the same time. The lipstick is a shade that looks a bit funny with my skin tone so I'm going to try and layer it under some lip balms and glosses.

Well, we shall have to see how this goes, won't we? I love the idea of digging out unloved products and giving them some use, I just hope I don't fall into the same tempting everyday looks that I am doing at the moment. 
Do you do anything like this?

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Autumn Bucket List - Drink

As Autumn is a time of year I love oh-so much, I couldn't resist Marie's Bucket List. So without further ado, I will tick 'Drink' off my list.

My absolute favourite ever Autumn drink (although I like it all through the year) is a Cinnamon latte. With a blog called Cinnamon & Sparkle, it couldn't really be anything else... 

From an actual coffee shop, this would be a large latte, extra espresso shot with cinnamon syrup but when at home I make a strong coffee and add plenty of cinnamon and some sugar. Maple syrup too if I'm feeling in need of an extra sugar hit but I don't like them overly sweet, I prefer the slight bitterness you get with coffee and cinnamon.

Disclaimer: This is a Starbucks mug. I never, ever actually go to Starbucks because I hate the atmosphere of the one where I live. It's also more expensive than other coffee shops and the staff are not that nice. My coffee shop of choice is Nero. They know my order and I love it oh-so much. I go through the reward cards like nobody's business, I tell you. I drink these so much that my previously coffee-hating boyfriend has actually become a convert!

I'm going to stop rambling now and go and curl up on the sofa with a blanket, a cinnamon latte and my book (The Clan of the Cave Bear, should it interest you).
What are your favourite Autumnal drinks? Are you too a cinnamon fan?

Colour Club haul...

When I was hanging around and waiting for my bus the other day I had a wander around TK Maxx and discovered that it's currently got a few Colour Club nail polish sets! So I came home with two and am debating whether or not to get the others I saw. I bought the Alter Ego keep it under cover collection and what said it was the All About French collection. But, since Googling to figure out shade names, the French one is seemingly full of random colours. Pretty colours, but I am a little annoyed because I have NO IDEA what any of them are called. 
Anyhoo, I shall stop wittering and show you some pretty pictures!

Alter Ego - Keep it Under Cover
Top row, left to right - Alias; Masquerading; Ulterior Motive; Vivid top coat
Bottom row, left to right - Alter Ego; Secret Agent; Total Mystery
TK Maxx £7.99

OhMyDays these are so so pretty and Autumn perfect! The only one I might not buy alone is Ulterior Motive, the pinky purple but having brought it home it is actually packed with big fat shimmery bits (although I wouldn't go so far as to say glitter) which makes everything better :) I haven't yet worn any of these although I am painting my nails with Alter Ego as I type.

 All About French - Or not, as the case may be
I have described the colours and tried to find some shade names in brackets - but it's hard!
Top row left to right - Bright peach; Light Nude-pink; Pastel blue (Take Me To Your Chateau); Baby Pink
Bottom row left-right - Iridescent white glitter (Snowflakes); Iridescent pink glitter (Hot Couture); Pale golden peach

Although the lack of names annoys me, they are all pretty shades nonetheless. Less Autumnal but when have I ever actually coordinated season and nails? Never. At least, never on purpose; I don't go around refusing to wear pastel in Spring just for the sake of it. The glitters are especially lovely as they are chunky enough to be classified as glitter, but fine enough that you get an even coat. 

I do love nail polish, especially the bargain kind! Have you checked out your local TK Maxx? Mine had OPI and China Glaze as well, I should visit more often (although I doubt my bank balance will thank me).

Friday, 26 October 2012

FOTD: Everyday face

Today I thought I'd show you my face. Sorry about that.

This is my everyday makeup of the moment (I change it fairly regularly) and I am really liking it. I feel like it works with my hair colour and suits the weather. I am having to go quite heavy on foundation and concealer and the like because I am having a bad skin phase that I think has something to do with the changing weather *shakes fist*. 

Oh look, it's me! Me and my beautiful earrings...

- Boots 17 Miracle Matte foundation
- Collection 2000 Stay Perfect concealer
- Maybelline Dream Matte pressed powder (My perfect powder, which they've discontinued. Life.)
- Boots 17 blush in Plum Puff
- Soap&Glory Archery brow tint and pencil in Brownie Points
- MUA pro eye primer
- Sleek Paraguaya palette shades Bittersweet, Blush, Sandstone and Stone
- Soap&Glory Supercat pen eyeliner
- Collection 2000 Skylash mascara

This was taken when I got home and I forgot to reapply lip products (bad Sylvie) but I would only have been wearing a balm. A Christmassy ginger one, to be precise, but the point is it barely shows up anyway.

So, that is my face. I like this look because I do love a good eyeliner flick but this softens that whole look. I also use a more autumny coloured blush which doesn't really work in the summer but does look good with this hair.

As I have quite a lot of makeup, and get bored fairly quickly, I am sure you will be seeing another 'Everyday Face' soon enough. 

What makeup are you wearing now Autumn has set in?

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Greetings, world!

I thought I would do a little introduction, but nothing awful and cringy, I promise. I will tell you as little as possible about me, as that is hardly interesting, then a little more about what I love and what I want this blog to be, as that is the important thing.

Hello there :)

I am Sylvie, an A level student in college. I want to study Archaeology at University and right now am going through the process of applying - stress upon stress, I can tell you! Aside from digging in the mud in my spare time, I love all things things pretty; from glitter nail polish to DIY dream-catchers to NASA nebula photographs.

This blog is, hopefully, going to be a place where I can document the things I see, buy and create that I like and want to share. I say this but of course nothing ever goes according to plan!

"Why Cinnamon and Sparkle?" I hear you cry... Well, are you sitting comfortably? (I kid; it's not a long story). Cinnamon because I love it oh-so much. It smells of cosiness, elevates coffee to a new status of divinity and all my favourite people love it too. Sparkle because I am a Complete Girl at heart and love glittery things in all forms. In short; they are things that I love, they cheer me up and I want this blog to be about such things. 

I wanted to keep  this short so I will just say that I hope you enjoy my blog :)


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