Wednesday, 31 October 2012

October Favourites

Favourites are something I always like in other peoples blogs and videos so I compiled mine last night. I love that sense of satisfaction knowing I have shown some products some love and recognised their awesomeness.

Tweezerman Pointed tweezers and x10 magnifying mirror.
These have changed my brows life forever. My eyebrows have never looked as neat as they do now; the mirror shows up every single tiny hair and the tweezers are so precise that I can get at all of them. There's a very therapeutic aspect to really going to town on my brows. WARNING! This mirror, while a godsend for brow maintainence, shows up every. single. imperfection. Pores aplenty, blemishes I didn't know existed and random crazy freckles on my eyelids that don't show up with normal mirrors. And don't even get me started on the dark circles... *shudders* Just don't look at your face in that thing for too long or you'll go insane.

Soap&Glory Archery brow tint and pencil. I bought this with my tweezers and mirror as the pencil I had been using was way too light and orangey. If my brows are the right shape, hey will bloody well be the right colour too. I love this, I use the tint to define and the pencil to fill the whole thing in. If I'm in a hurry then I use the pencil by itself. This was on the pricey side, but worth it for the definition it gives my brows. 

Sally Hansen Twinkle Twinkle glitter nail polish. This is a favourite because I've been using it over a lot of nail colours. It's got blue, silver and holo glitter in it so looks great over cooler toned colours and I have just found myself reaching for it very often. It lasts a good time too, it doesn't chip horribly and if it's over a long-lasting base colour it all stays put.

MUA Pro eye primer. This is nothing particularly special but is a cheap-as-chips eye primer. It does the job; eyeshadow stays put and look more intense. I also don't get that attractive eyeshadow-where-blusher-should-be look if I do a speed walk in the rain, where my makeup usually ends up a foot South of where it was put. This makes me happy.

Real Techniques buffing brush. This has made my foundation look so good! It doesn't take much longer to apply my foundation with it than if I used my fingers and gives a more even finish. The only issue is if the foundation is particularly quick to set and needs fast blending. In that case, I do my face one area at a time (instead of dabbing all over and then going in to blend) and use my fingers to meld it all together. Perfecto. 

Ooh that was fun. Makeup and talking are pastimes of mine and so I enjoyed this very much.
What have you been loving this month? Do you use any of these products?

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