Friday, 26 October 2012

FOTD: Everyday face

Today I thought I'd show you my face. Sorry about that.

This is my everyday makeup of the moment (I change it fairly regularly) and I am really liking it. I feel like it works with my hair colour and suits the weather. I am having to go quite heavy on foundation and concealer and the like because I am having a bad skin phase that I think has something to do with the changing weather *shakes fist*. 

Oh look, it's me! Me and my beautiful earrings...

- Boots 17 Miracle Matte foundation
- Collection 2000 Stay Perfect concealer
- Maybelline Dream Matte pressed powder (My perfect powder, which they've discontinued. Life.)
- Boots 17 blush in Plum Puff
- Soap&Glory Archery brow tint and pencil in Brownie Points
- MUA pro eye primer
- Sleek Paraguaya palette shades Bittersweet, Blush, Sandstone and Stone
- Soap&Glory Supercat pen eyeliner
- Collection 2000 Skylash mascara

This was taken when I got home and I forgot to reapply lip products (bad Sylvie) but I would only have been wearing a balm. A Christmassy ginger one, to be precise, but the point is it barely shows up anyway.

So, that is my face. I like this look because I do love a good eyeliner flick but this softens that whole look. I also use a more autumny coloured blush which doesn't really work in the summer but does look good with this hair.

As I have quite a lot of makeup, and get bored fairly quickly, I am sure you will be seeing another 'Everyday Face' soon enough. 

What makeup are you wearing now Autumn has set in?

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