Tuesday, 30 October 2012

NOTD: Alter Ego


After buying the Alter Ego collection the first thing I did was pick up the 'Alter Ego' shade and get to work on my stubby nails. I loves it!

 Alter Ego with Flash
Alter Ego without flash.

This. Shade. Ohmygoodness. It's hard to describe, a purple/taupe base packed full of rainbow shimmer is probably the best I can do. The top photograph shows it more purple than it is in life (although England has been permanently dark and misty so I can't tell you if it shows up purple in the sun). 

Application was beautiful, the photos show three coats but it would have been good with two. Wear wasn't so amazing, you can see a little chip on my index finger in the bottom photo. However, this was without a top coat and nail polish always, always chips and peels on me so I've gotten used to it.

 Look at that colour!

It looks very silvery in the bottle but that shimmer has a lot more rainbow gorgeousness on the nail.
I also felt like this was perfect for autumn; deep dusky base colour to go with the weather and then some awesome shimmer to cheer me up. This is one I will be wearing a lot I feel, although I do have a myriad of other new Color Club polishes to work through first... Although it's not like that's a bad thing!

What do you think of this colour?

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