Sunday, 28 October 2012

Colour Club haul...

When I was hanging around and waiting for my bus the other day I had a wander around TK Maxx and discovered that it's currently got a few Colour Club nail polish sets! So I came home with two and am debating whether or not to get the others I saw. I bought the Alter Ego keep it under cover collection and what said it was the All About French collection. But, since Googling to figure out shade names, the French one is seemingly full of random colours. Pretty colours, but I am a little annoyed because I have NO IDEA what any of them are called. 
Anyhoo, I shall stop wittering and show you some pretty pictures!

Alter Ego - Keep it Under Cover
Top row, left to right - Alias; Masquerading; Ulterior Motive; Vivid top coat
Bottom row, left to right - Alter Ego; Secret Agent; Total Mystery
TK Maxx £7.99

OhMyDays these are so so pretty and Autumn perfect! The only one I might not buy alone is Ulterior Motive, the pinky purple but having brought it home it is actually packed with big fat shimmery bits (although I wouldn't go so far as to say glitter) which makes everything better :) I haven't yet worn any of these although I am painting my nails with Alter Ego as I type.

 All About French - Or not, as the case may be
I have described the colours and tried to find some shade names in brackets - but it's hard!
Top row left to right - Bright peach; Light Nude-pink; Pastel blue (Take Me To Your Chateau); Baby Pink
Bottom row left-right - Iridescent white glitter (Snowflakes); Iridescent pink glitter (Hot Couture); Pale golden peach

Although the lack of names annoys me, they are all pretty shades nonetheless. Less Autumnal but when have I ever actually coordinated season and nails? Never. At least, never on purpose; I don't go around refusing to wear pastel in Spring just for the sake of it. The glitters are especially lovely as they are chunky enough to be classified as glitter, but fine enough that you get an even coat. 

I do love nail polish, especially the bargain kind! Have you checked out your local TK Maxx? Mine had OPI and China Glaze as well, I should visit more often (although I doubt my bank balance will thank me).

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