Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Loves of Late

This being a new blog, I decided to start with something that would be a little bit of an introduction to me and Cinnamon & Sparkle. So, here we have my 'Loves of Late' to which full credit for both idea and image go to Louise of Sprinkle of Glitter, whose blog and YouTube I am quite in love with.

Autumn and cosiness. By which I mean big jumpers, cinnamon coffee, dark purple nail polish and gradually darkening days. My birthday was right at the start of Autumn and I am now fully looking forward to the festive season! Christmas is definitely on of my favourite times of year, but I am getting ahead of the date, I can't help but feel. For now, I am loving lighting candles and snuggling up with blankets in the evening after a day out in the cold.

Pinterest and pretty things. I have recently discovered Pinterest (look!) and am a woman obsessed. I have been introduced to so many pretty things which has made me feel a lot more creative and also helped to cheer me up from a bout of the October Blues.

Lovely plans. I love having something to look forward to! I have been making plans with my dear friendses and lovely boyfriend and actually getting out of the house (unnecessary duvet-attatchment is a sorry symptom of the October Blues). I have seen Marina and the Diamonds (brilliant live) and Muse!! Literally so amazing! Amongst other things I have been coercing friends into shopping trips and coffee chats as everybody is so busy that I don't see them as much as I like.

London. I freakin' love our nations dear capital. I went avec my boyfriend at the end of last week to see Muse (!) and we spent two days there mooching around, shopping and the like. I love it so much, and I even managed to have a browse along Oxford street. Hurrah! I'm going again on Friday with my mum and we are visiting the British Musem, often referred to as Sylvie's Favourite Place on the Planet. That is all.

Beauty blogs and vlogs. Part of the reason for creating Cinnamon & Sparkle is because I really love reading blogs and watching Youtube videos. I thought that creating a blog would be fun and a hobby, and give me an outlet for my nail polish obsession and glitter cravings. I won't list here, mainly because it would be too long, my favourite blogs/youtube channels - that can go on my list.

All the small things. Like cosy charity shop jumpers, new books and seeing my boyfriend for ten minutes in the middle of the day. I really am very lucky so whenever I feel a bit down I try and concentrate on the little things that make my day. And really, there are quite a few.

Typing this out has, in fact, really cheered up my evening. Thinking about the things that make you happy can cheer you up, I have always found. Perhaps I will include something like this as a regular feature, 'things that made me happy this week'... I'll work on it.
What have you been enjoying lately?

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