Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Greetings, world!

I thought I would do a little introduction, but nothing awful and cringy, I promise. I will tell you as little as possible about me, as that is hardly interesting, then a little more about what I love and what I want this blog to be, as that is the important thing.

Hello there :)

I am Sylvie, an A level student in college. I want to study Archaeology at University and right now am going through the process of applying - stress upon stress, I can tell you! Aside from digging in the mud in my spare time, I love all things things pretty; from glitter nail polish to DIY dream-catchers to NASA nebula photographs.

This blog is, hopefully, going to be a place where I can document the things I see, buy and create that I like and want to share. I say this but of course nothing ever goes according to plan!

"Why Cinnamon and Sparkle?" I hear you cry... Well, are you sitting comfortably? (I kid; it's not a long story). Cinnamon because I love it oh-so much. It smells of cosiness, elevates coffee to a new status of divinity and all my favourite people love it too. Sparkle because I am a Complete Girl at heart and love glittery things in all forms. In short; they are things that I love, they cheer me up and I want this blog to be about such things. 

I wanted to keep  this short so I will just say that I hope you enjoy my blog :)

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