Sunday, 13 January 2013

Look! It's moving. It's alive.

Hello :)
I'm not really sure how to start this...
I am aware that it has been over two months since I touched this blog, in fact I deleted it pretty soon after I stopped posting. I had glandular fever so I was in bed for a week and to be honest I still haven't fully recovered as it's one of those things that leave you super fatigued for a long time. Anyway, while I was trying to recover I had to deal with a lot of college/university application stress and I was just really tired and moody and not especially happy. Then Christmas came with all it's related stress (and a throat infection, which was especially unhelpful after glandular fever), and now it is a new year and I have decided to take up the blog again because, hell, it makes me happy!
Sorry for the rambling there. My brain is somewhat broken. To summise: I felt crap, gave up the blog, now feel more cheery, took it up again.
In other news, I have all five university offers, I had my first day at work today, I have been going out with my boyfriend for almost a year and I have discovered a foundation that matches my ghosty face. These are all equally important... Obviously.
Tomorrow I will post what is coming up for my blog but for now I want to keep this short so I am going to leave you with this

I love pugs damnit!

Much love :)

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