Tuesday, 22 January 2013

It's the little things...

Hello all!
First of all IT'S SNOWING AGAIN! I love the snow far, far too much for an 18 year old but I have to admit, I get overexcited whenever it snows and leap about taking photos and exclaiming at how damn pretty it is. Forgive me. As I write this it's been snowing now for about an hour, is getting heavier and is practically going sideways with the wind. I am quite glad I did not go anywhere today but have been home revising. But anyway, moving on to the point of todays ramblings.

I was at home, revising geology like the *cough* model student I am *cough*. I went downstairs for a tea break because sea levels are boring and I am only human. You can imagine, then, how excited I was to find this had dropped through the letterbox!

Any excuse for a revision break, right?

I ordered this back at the beginning of January but because it's from Hong Kong it took about three weeks which is pretty average. Anyway, look how cool this bad boy is! And for only 99p too *smug*.

I particularly love how badass it looks with my gold watch (thank you boyfriend) and rose gold/coppery rhinestone chain style bracelet (thank you Vati*).

I now, of course, want the gold one as well as the gold and silver necklace versions... But I should restrain myself, at least until I get paid. If you are interested I bought it here and I think I was originally sent to it via one of VIPXO's fabulous eBay posts. Oh the joys of shopping, especially online and for mere pennies.
What are the little things that cheer you up?

* He isn't German. I am not German. But when I found out the the German for Father is Vati (pronounced fart-y) the amusement for my 11 year old self was too much and it has stuck. And, yes, I write Vati in all of his Birthday and Christmas cards.

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