Sunday, 13 January 2013

The (near) future

As promised, I'm going to give you a bit of a run-down of what's coming up on my blog.

I do have an exam coming up on the 30th so the majority of the posts up until then will probably be along the lines of blogs/youtubers/music I'm loving, wish lists, maybe a quick FOTD here and there.
I love reading hauls and monthly favourites so expect those, and nail polish is an obsession of mine so I will likely have a good few NOTD's to show you.

I am also thinking of branching out into fashion on my blog as it is something I enjoy in all it's forms (specifically shopping and reading Vogue) so there may well be the odd outfit thrown in too.

 I do have to have a quick moan about the fact that England is gloomy and dark right now so it's impossible to get a photo in natural light because there is none! And for that reason I'll probably not have too many faces/nails/outfits because it's very frustrating trying to get decent photos so I tend not to bother.

In the nearest future, I plan on doing a resolutions/goals/thoughts post for the year ahead (I hate resolutions), a collective haul from the past couple of months with maybe some select Christmas pressies and a little 'tour' of my makeup area because I have reshuffled it recently and I want to show it off.

Keep your eyes peeled and happy Sunday!

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