Wednesday, 30 January 2013


It's Wednesday, I have done my exam and I bought things! Happy days.
I wasn't going to shop and then it just happenned... This is a totally random not-quite-haul but I though I would share. I'm no good for anything else so let it commence.

See the randomness?  Various embroidery threads for friendship bracelets including NEON GREEN as I am so bored of winter now.  Like, Christmas is over so can the sun please return to our lives... Does anyone else get that? Tesco sweeties, including their cat version of percy pigs and his assorted farmyard chums.
Also some makeup! I was in dire desperate need of a new highlighter and for some reason haven't been able to find one I like so picked up this MUA bronzey shimmery quad colour business. I liked the look of this trio and, for some reason, felt it was appropriate to purchase more eyeshadow. As for the concealer, I was just so excited that it was pale that I had to buy it and have a looksee. It could be shit, I have no idea yet but I think I will follow up on it on the blog because pale-person appropriate foundations/concealers are something I feel very strongly about. My mascara has started to dry up so flakes off my lashes and goes into my eyes which meant I picked this one up on a whim today - it's had good reviews so I am hoping for the best.

MUA Trio eyeshadow in Innocence
MUA Bronze Shimmer Kisses
MUA Cover and Conceal in Fair
L'Oreal black Volume Million Lashes

I hope that this insight into my bizarre shopping habits has been interesting or at least amusing. Most of this was completely at random but at least most of it was cheap... As for the embroidery thread, I have an odd obsession with craft shops and friendship bracelets. Don't judge.
What have you bought lately?

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