Monday, 30 September 2013

September Favourites.

This months favourites are not so much things I bought as things I rediscovered. I have been packing things up for uni and these, among other things, made the cut for my 'taking-but-not-packed-away' stash.

My only nail item this month is the Kiko Ultra Long Base Coat. I picked this up from Rome when I went in the summer, mainly because it was cheap but also because I hadn't really used a base coat before this slaps wrist. However, I have really found that this increases the wear of my nail polish and has even given me 5 chip-free days with some which is unheard of for me as everything chips when I use it.

On my face I have been loving Cliniques Anti-Blemish foundation as the best go-between shade while my tan was fading (now gone) but it's pale enough that I can still use it now, especially as my face is paler than the rest of me which is holding on to my tan more keenly. This is a nice medium coverage and while matte enough for my oily skin it still allows for a dewy finish. Also perfect for me while I'm not yet at my palest is my Maybelline Fit Me concealer. This is a lovely consistency; creamy, not too liquidy but never cakey. It's only downfall is that it isn't the most pigmented concealer out there. It's fine for everyday but doesn't quite do it for super dark circles.

You know I love my blushes but I wasn't expecting to have two from the same (super budget) brand in here this month. I have the Natural Collection powder blush in Sweet Cheeks and their cream blush in Rosy Pink. Sweet Cheeks is a little brighter and great for a matte finish but Rosy Pink is my go-to for a 'no makeup' day as it adds some colour while looking totally natural and leaving a dewy finish. When I really want to up the glow factor, I have been loving my ELF blush in Gotta Glow. This is very powdery so I like to use my fingers to control the placement of it. When applied though, it is not as glittery as my other highlighters and leaves a really lovely golden glow to the cheekbones (cupids bow, bridge of the nose, inner corner...).

The last couple of bits don't go together but have been lovingly reached for all the same. I have been using my Body Shop Lemon Lip Butter non-stop this month. It isn't my most moisturising lip balm but perfect during the day and has a divine sweet lemonade scent to it. Lastly is my new obsession (and this won't be the last you hear of it!). My Filofax, ladies and Gentlemen. I have wanted a Filofax for years and when I saw this A5 Metropol severely reduced I had to take it home. It's not leather but still feels really good quality and although bulky, I need the space an A5 has to offer. It came with a 2012 diary but this didn't bother me as I favour the day-to-a-page setup anyway. I have since bought a plethora of inserts to go with and am so happy with it. I have justified it to myself as being a necessary Uni purchase so that is that.

What have you loved this month?

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