Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Soap & Glory 'Glow All Out' review.

Hello and happy July.
Sorry posting has been sporadic recently but it's a trend that's set to continue as I have a lot on in the next six weeks or so. I am trying to schedule posts but am not at home this week so can't really take photographs - hence the lack of June Favourites, which may or may not appear next week, I'll decide if it's worth it.

That aside, I have for you another Soap & Glory powder review. I showed you the 'One Heck of a Blot' a few days ago and today I am talking to you about their 'Glow All Out' highlighter.

This delicious Glow All Out highlighter by Soap & Glory is available from Boots and costs £11. It's a fair bit pricier than I would usually go for but after seeing some swatches on other blogs I realised I needed to add it to my highlighter collection - after blush and brows, highlighter is one of my absolute necessities.

This is packaged in a cardboard case which isn't as flimsy as I feared and comes with the bonus of a mirror. You get a pretty decent 7.5g which I can see lasting me a long time as I am always afraid of over-highlighting. The texture of this is very smooth with no glitter or chunky shimmer, but you can definitley tell there's something there; it's a shimmery look more than a 'lit-from-within' dewy glow.

In the pan, Glow All Out is a warm peachy pink. It applies quite sheer in terms of colour pigmentation (which, for a highlighter, is a good thing in my books) and is shot through with a lovely silvery shimmer which stops it from being too warm toned on the skin, but because of the warm base it doesn't look grey either - all in all, a pretty damn nice colour. I think it would look good most people because of this too. It applies smoothly and I like to use my fingers to dab it on my cheekbones but it works well with a brush too as it's not too powdery.

Glow All Out gives me such a lovely sheen and I have become so obsessed with just throwing it all over my face. I think I'm just trying to hold on to a summery glow despite the weather rapidly changing. Once applied it lasts well, depending on my base products - or lack of. There is evidence of it by the end of the day (up to about 8 hours) though not as pigmented as when I applied it.

Have you tried this? You should!

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