Wednesday, 27 March 2013

MUA Undress Your Skin foundation review

Today I have a review for you (excitement) of MUA's newest foundation offering from their undressed range, available in Superdrug stores and the online MUA website here.

This is what MUA say about this foundation: 
Undress your Skin Illuminating Foundation offers a medium to full coverage and is suitable for any skin type. It gives your skin an even-toned glow and visibly gives a soft healthy radiant finish, the formula contains light-diffusing particles leaving your skin feeling refreshed and luminous all day.

Disturbingly bare faced. Redness, freckles, dark circles and a couple of cheeky spots galore.

 A lone layer of foundation - no powder or concealer.

Well. It definitely takes down the redness (hurrah!) and does an okay job at my dark circles - but I will still conceal those. I know it looks a lot paler than my skin but that's mostly down to my camera picking up the red in my face and warming the whole image up. I cannot vouch for the illuminating factor of this because we have not seen the sun in over a fortnight. As for the coverage, I would say fuller medium is accurate, but not completely full. You can see that a lot of my freckles are covered. This is all good, however...

...this baby set up shop in more pores and the dry bits around my nose. Bad foundation! I had applied with a brush so went over with my hands, warming it up and *fingers crossed* getting rid of that attractive cake face look.

This is the result. cakeyness was a lot better but my freckley bits are more distinct here. I do not mind this, but if you are looking for a fuller coverage I might suggest layering it thinly rather than the thicker layer I used. I will say that I used no primer because I wanted to see how the foundation performs alone.

The consistency, if you can see here, is not too runny but not too thick, my preference as I can work it in with a brush without it drying too fast. However, a thicker layer does take it's time to dry and, for me, feels tacky until I've finished my eye makeup and can powder over it.

I have the shade Porcelain which is the lightest of three shades - a pretty poor shade range but I was thrilled that the lightest shade was pale enough for me! Unheard of! most foundation ranges with even 8 or more shades are often still a tad too dark for me. This was perfect for my winter skin tone. however, as there are only two other shades I can't say if there will be as good a match for you, especially as there were no testers, and I am assuming that the darkest is still pretty light.

I was reasonably impressed with the lasting power. I road-tested this during a day at work which for me is a hot, busy cafe/restaurant. I applied at about 8.30 in the morning and was shiny around the nose by my lunch break at about 2. As I have oily skin, this is the same with any foundation I have found. I blotted on my lunch break and I was okay for the rest of the day. I did, however, notice some fading around my oily bits - but thankfully it didn't go patchy!

As for the 'any skin type' claim, I'm not convinced. That said, I don't think any foundation can really work for all skin types. I think this clung too much to my dry patches to be suitable for very dry skins and it definitely needs a decent powder to work for us oily folk.

Shade range: Pretty poor, although perfect for me
Price: This is currently on offer for £3 but is usually a still bargainous £5
Wear: 7/10. Points deducted for slight oilyness and fading
Application: 5/10. CAkeyness is a no go!
Repurchase?: I am not sure. I am a foundation addict and I will continue to use it but will have to wait and see if it's fabulous enough to repurchase (something I have never done).

Have you tried this foundation?

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