Sunday, 6 October 2013

Bits & Bobs #002

Hello again!
The week since my last Bits & Bobs post has been one of the longest of my life, but not in a bad way at all!

So, I moved into my uni accommodation last weekend and have had freshers week this week - my first real lecture is bright and early tomorrow at nine in the morning. So far I've been having so much fun and not feeling homesick at all - maybe that will hit when the work does? I am actually pretty excited to start my course as we start with early man and human origins is one of my favourite topics. Bit keen? Yup.

In the meantime I'm horrified by how fast my money is dissappearing but I am hoping this will slow after freshers when I'm not spending as much on rum/tickets/taxis. I also bought a jacket (which I totally needed and had a £30 gift card for so I only actually spent £30 so would be a fool not to) and need to buy another couple of things but I'm holding off for as long as possible.

I managed to schedule this weeks worth of posts because I knew I would be busy and I am really going to try to keep on top of things - hopefully you can expect at least three posts a week plus the occasional Sunday post when I'm feeling up to it.

Other things I've loved this week.
1. Breaking Bad. I'm in season two still so no spoilers!
2. French Bulldogs. They are on par with pugs for cuteness.
3. Going makeup free (or mostly free) during the day.
4. Decorating my uni room. Though at this moment the only area that has remained tidy are my pen pots because I haven't had any work yet. But hello sharpies...
5. My mother. I keep finding surprise packets of sweets and, bizzarely, a tub of crystallised ginger in my bags that she sneakily snuck in when I had packed. (For the record, I bloody love crystallised ginger.)


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