Wednesday, 9 October 2013

MUA Mega Volume Mascara Review.

I have a mascara review for you today and it's a really budget one. Enter MUA!

This mascara is one of MUA's called the Mega Volume Mascara. It costs £3 and is available from Superdrug and MUA's website. I bought this when I was running low on my Doll'd Up mascara and wanted a cheap replacement. I've got to say, I have mixed feelings on this one.

This is housed in a very pink, chunky tube which reminds me of the Maybelline mascaras - which I can't wear because they make my eyelashes fall out, but that's a different story. Back to the MUA, you get a big brush that I find hits my eyelid if I'm not careful. You get 7ml which I think is pretty standard and definitely good value for your £3. In terms of formula it's quite a wet formula - not one I prefer. It's also quite a thin formula if that makes sense, which means you need several coats for real volume.

The colour of this is a proper black, not grey or brown at all - hooray! Because it's so dark it's quite lengthening. Now comes the more negative aspects - it takes several coats to build up to the result above. The final result I do like, and I found due to the liquidy formula it didn't clump and (as you can see) it defined the lower lashes nicely with no clumping there either.

All in all, I don't reach for this one much because it takes a long time to apply, I get it all over my eyelid (I cleaned up for the photo above) and it isn't a very volumising mascara. I also think that because of the very liquid formula it wouldn't hold a curl well (however I don't curl my lashes). On the bright side, it is very black and gives a nice fluttery look to the lashes so is nice if you have the patience, but I have to say I won't repurchase.

Have you tried this? Or any of MUA's other mascaras?

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  1. Your eyelashes look so nice but I agree that wet mascaras are really difficult to work with and get on my nerves! x



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