Friday, 4 October 2013

Body Shop Shopping.

2 weeks ago, I accidentally went to the Body Shop. Then, last week, I accidentally went again. Come one, they had promotions left, right and centre and I had a £5 Birthday gift to claim and a £10 off a £25 spend voucher that was just itching to be used. I feel no shame.

I definitley spent way too much money. Oh well!

Since buying the Mango body mist a while ago I decided I needed to buy some more mango goodness. I ended up getting the Mango Shower Gel and Body Whip so I can layer up on the scent and make it last. I love the mango scent, it is fruity but not too sweet.

I already have the Pink Grapefruit shower gel at home so decided to get the matching Beautifying Oil and the Eau de Toilette. After going home and discovering how much I loved these products, I had to go back and get the same but from the edible Chocomania line. I do like to layer scents so tend to get several products in the same scent. The Body Shop clearly know this because I end up buying the whole line of products.

Lastly, I picked up some makeup bits as they had a 3 for 2 on and I was intrigued by the bronzer. I didn't even need that much of an excuse to be honest. Anyway, I picked up the Hone Bronzer in shade 2 which is swatched on my hand above the pencils, but you can't see it too well because my hand is darker than my face. I also bought the Eye Definer in shade 03 Taupe as I have been wanting something that is less harsh than black and this is a very dark taupe that is nice and neutral. Lastly, I bought the Brow Definer in shade 03 Dark Brown. Yes, this is a little darker than my eyebrows but I like a strong brow. In the swatch above, the eyeliner is on the left and the brow pencil on the right. You can see it has more of a waxy consistency. I also had to pick up a lip balm from the new Honeymania line. Had to.

Now I have 4 stamps on my card which means another £5 gift so expect some more Body Shop things soon.

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