Wednesday, 23 October 2013

MUA Matte Eyeshadow Palette Review.

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I was very excited about the release of this palette. A ten-pan eyeshadow palette all dressed up in shades of neutral, and mine for a mere £4. Like I say. Very Excited.

MUA released this matte eyeshadow palette in September and since then I have been itching to part with the mere £4 it took to own this baby. The Ever After eyeshadow palette features exclusively matte shades - a first for MUA - and is available at Superdrug.

Packaged in the same set-up as their metallic Olympic palette, this features 10 square pans rather than 12 round ones. You get 10g in total so that's 1g and 40p per eyeshadow. The texture of these pleasantly surprised me. They aren't buttery smooth but they aren't hugely chalky either and while there is some fall out, again it isn't a huge amount.

The shades on the top row are the weakest in terms of pigmentation - though it would be hard to get the lightest shades to show up on my skin anyway. I have to say that Butter, the pale yellow, is a nice base to the inner corner highlight as it lifts those blue/purple tones that darken up the eye. The mid tones have more pigmentation but need a good base to look their best. The dark shades, however, really are quite nice and don't take as much work to get a good colour payoff though I would still advise a base. I would like to point out that Smoke, the darkest shade, isn't a black but a very dark taupe which for me is preferable. As for application, they are typical matte shades; they need some work to get them to go on smoothly but are by far better than some matte shades I've used. It doesn't take too much work to avoid a patchy application.

As for wear time, these are not the most long wearing shadows I have used. They fade faster than shimmery shadows but can pretty much last a full day with the right base. I have found the main issue is to get them to stick to the lid rather than avoid creasing, which I don't have much of a problem with.

All in all, I love this palette and many of the shades have wormed their way into my everyday face, and it is especially nice for a 'no-makeup' day.


  1. such a great neutral palette!

    from helen at

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