Monday, 1 April 2013

These are a few of my favourite things...

Hello, and Happy April!
There are few products I stay loyal to (beauty blogging is a fickle trade) but those that I do purchase time and again really are fabulous. This is a short list but these products have really stood the test of time for me.

1. Clinique Take the Day Off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes and Lips - £16 for 125 ml - Clicky click.
This is pricey. But so good. I 'tip' the bottle onto a cotton ball for each eye, maybe more if I've done super heavy makeup, and then cleanse my whole face over the sink so this lasts ages. It's a lot more expensive than anything else I've used but also so much better. When I ran out I went straight out to buy a new one! Plus... it has a shiny lid. What more could you want?

2. Blistex lip balms - £2.50ish
Specifically MedPlus Balm and Intensive Moisturiser Hydrating Lip Cream. These are, I am led to believe, medicated or at least packed with something that really works. At any rate, they are the only lip balms I have found that actively heal my lips which are chapped at the best of times, never mind this crazy cold windy weather we are having!

3. Yves Rocher lip balms - £3 but always on some kind of offer - Link
These... They are so softening and smell yummy and I don't react to them! Yay sensitive skin. If I don't want anything tingly and medicinal, then I slather these on because they are just brilliant. No other stick balm compares. I am, however a lip balm addict and so buy them anyway. Someone lend me some logic next time I go shopping?

4. My toner - free!
I realise this is in a Lush bottle. I bought a Lush one then realised it was no better than my homemade version, but kept the bottle as it looks fancy. All I do is mix 5 or so drops of tea tree oil with some filtered water. That is all. I have never used a particularly effective toner, I just like how they make my face feel fresh and extra clean. Plus, I can use as much as I like because it doesn't cost me a fiver a bottle!

5. MUA single eyeshadow shade 19 (aka Eyebrow powder) - £1 - click here
Technically a little dark, but I like it that way. Cheap, cheerful, not too red or green for eyebrows. I have no need to change it, thanking you kindly.

I believe that is all for now... These are things that I genuinley have no need to change, although I will insist on buying more lipbalm. You can never have too many. Said no one with sense.
Goodnight internet friends... (realisation that this will go live at 6.30 on a Monday evening... probably still apt for my tired little life).
What are you favourite things? Have you tried any of these?

Song of the day - Fleetwood Mac, Tusk


  1. I really love take the day off! Definitely need to buy another bottle x

    1. It is genuinely the best eye makeup remover I have ever used. I stopped for a while a few years ago and then remembered why I love it so much when I had another mini freebie one x

  2. I love take the day off! I bought a boots no7 when I ran out ( had a voucher !) and its not anywhere near as good. Definitely be going back to my old fave :) zx

    1. I bought the No7 once too, and have to agree that it's pretty poor in comparison x



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