Thursday, 2 May 2013

Makeup of the Moment #004

This is just a quick one as I didn't take product photos but I will list what I can remember- you lucky folk.

I can tell you for sure the foundation was my current favourite, MaxFactor 3 in 1, my brows were filled in with MUA shade 19 and my mascara was 17 Doll'd Up. As for blush, I have no idea. Clearly not very much as you can't even tell I am wearing any (though I can promise I am. I always do, especially when wearing darker eyeshadow).

I can also tell you with all honesty I used Rimmel's Scandaleyes kohl in Black, smudged out on my upper lashline. I used the palest shade from my Soap&Glory Lid Stuff on my browbone and inner corner and Clinique's darker shade from their Strawberry Fudge eyeshadow duo on the lid and underneath.

And that's all, kids! This, and variations thereupon, has been my go-to look, smudged out eyeliner with a brown shimmery shadow layered over the lid (but stopping at the crease) and then blended lowish under the eye too.

A little tip about going under the eye: If you're not sure how low to take it, I reccommend not blending it out further than your lower lashes. This way the colour is kind of framed by your lashes and you won't look as though you have a black eye, have been crying or haven't slept in a week. I have longish lower lashes so I take advantage and blend it out pretty low but make sure that it's just skin at the ends.

Right-o, it's late and I'm rambling but I hope you liked this,
Song of the day - Imagine Dragons, On Top of the World.

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