Wednesday, 29 May 2013

NYC Full Metal Jacket Review & Swatch.

I have another review today, a nail polish this time. I bought this a few weeks ago and I have been wearing this like nobodies business, it is such an amazing colour!

This rather fabulous NYC In a New York Color Minute Quick Dry nail polish cost me £1.79 from Superdrug. I believe it was released a little while ago but I have only just caught on, in the usual way that I do.

I like the packaging of these nail polishes, they are sleek and the handle is easy enough to use. The brush is also nice, not too thin but not so wide that it floods over my cuticles. In the bottle you get 9.7ml which is a good amount, especially for the price.

Full Metal Jacket is a cool golden-silver which actually looks a lot like the colour of a pound coin. It has gold and silver in there and is just so flattering on my skin tone. I also love how it lengthens my stubby nails. Usually stand-out colours only highlight how short they are, but as this is so reflective, it does miracles. I am in love.

The finish, obviously, is very shiny but not foil-like, instead had a more textured appearance. It doesn't feel gritty at all though, instead is quite smooth, and I'm sure would be even smoother with a top coat which I didn't feel the need to add. As for chipping, this chips on day two for me, but so does everything so I don't know how relevant that is.

I really love this nail polish, and am very intrigued by some of their newer releases - especially the creme finishes.
Do you have this? You should!


  1. I ove the shimmery colour, and they are such a good price! x

    1. I know, the price makes them even better x



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