Sunday, 5 May 2013

Wishlist #006

Hello again :)
I have another wishlist today, and I seem to be lusting after nail polish and stationary at the moment - nothing wrong with that though!

Wishlist 006
Models Own Utopia & Luis Lemon - Barry Blueberry - Diary - Week Planner 

 I'll start with the nail polishes first. I have wanted Models Own Utopia for a long time but for some reason never bought it - it looks like the perfect milky nudey colour. Similarly, I have wanted the Barry M Blueberry Gelly polish since I first saw it but haven't got around to buying it. The Models Own Neon Yellow, on the other hand, hasn't been out very long but I haven;t got any neon polishes and really want some for summer!

I won't lie. I do love me some stationary! I want a diary to organise things like blog posts and workouts but I don't want to put these things in my actual diary I use for college. I really liked this diary from Paperchase because it has a week-to-view which I don't like for everyday but for this would be perfect. This one has the week on one page and then a notes page next to it which would be perfect for blog post ideas etc. It's also on sale as it is now May and this is a 2013 diary - what's not to love?

As for the week planner, I want this a) because I need to get more organised and b) because it's really pretty. Mainly because I don't have a wall calendar but I do need to have something I can stick on my wall that I see all the time, as opposed to a diary that I just tuck away in my bag. 

I feel I've been quite restrained this week - enjoy your bank holiday weekend!

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