Friday, 10 May 2013

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Review & Swatches - Permanent Taupe & Pink Gold

Hello :)
I have another review today, this time of Maybelline's Colour Tattoo 24 hour gel-cream eyeshadows in 65 Pink Gold and 40 Permanent Taupe

I bought these a couple of weeks ago and have been wearing them non-stop so I thought it was only fair to share them with you! I thus far only have two shades but love them and plan to get more - perhaps On and On Bronze or Eternal Gold. Or perhaps both. Let's be honest, probably both. 

First things first, the packaging. I like it, it's sleek and you can see the product clearly. You get 4g which is 1g less than the oft-compared Mac Paint Pots - I don't own any but wish I did, I promise you. I also like that you can see the product name, though I can't quite tell you why - it's only really useful for blogging purposes as you can already see the product. These cost £4.99 each though I got mine when there was a nifty buy-one-get-one-half-price on Maybelline.

Now the swatches, hooray! On the left is Permanent Taupe and you can see that it is quite grey but is more brown at the edges where it's sheerer and more blended - in my eyes, a perfect taupe. Then Pink Gold was a little tricky to capture, it's a tad more cool toned in life but not massively. This is really pretty and does not make me look like I've been crying - success!

I like the texture of these cream eyeshadows. They are not too soft or moussey which I detest as they end up sliding all over my eye - but not these. I apply these, they are blendable but then they set and stay set.

The staying power of these is impressive - absolutely no creasing when I've used these. I don't use a primer with them but do usually put foundation/concealer on my lids as I apply them on my face. I do find my eye makeup fades a little by the end of the day but I think that will always happen no matter what products I use.

Overall I am very impressed with these and will definitely be getting some more soon.
Song of the day - Electric Light Orchestra, Mr Blue Sky


  1. they're both beautiful shades!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

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    1. They are, I have sneakily bought another one since and love it just as much x

  2. I had no idea there was a pink shade! The only two that stood out to me in Boots were the gold & the taupe. Guess who's going to a bigger Boots tomorrow? Haha. Do you find that the taupe shade is a little drier than the other? I've only really been able to use it as a smudgy sort of eyeliner...


    1. You have to get it, it's so pretty! I did find that with the Taupe but not much, though I actually prefer it as I hate slidey cream products because they crease way worse x



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