Friday, 14 June 2013

Body Shop Bits: A Haul.

I have been lured in by the Body Shop's promotions and member discounts... I've been meaning to get a Love Your Body card for ages but you know how it is, there is always something else to spend £5 on...

Lemon Lip Butter.
Lemon mini Body Butter (my becoming-a-member free gift).
Tea Tree & Lemon Home Fragrance Oil - featured here.
Mango Body Mist.
Seaweed Cleanser.
Almond Hand Cream.

I love the smell of the lemon range but it has been discontinued - cry - so I snapped up the lip butter in the sale and plan on going back for the body lotion or the scrub. Or both. Moving along the lemon theme, I bought the fragrance oil for my burner which smells lovely and fresh - they have a lot of nice scents and are only about £4 I think.

They had the body mist half price for Love Your Body members and I could not resist. As much as I love my fancy perfume, sometimes you just want to smell fresh and fruity and, because this is so cheap, you can apply it liberally without feeling as though you are spritzing your money away.

I have been on a skincare kick lately, so wanted to try another cleanser. I have been into creamy, non-foaming, non-exfoliating cleansers and this is formulated for oily skin so decided to give it a shot. I haven't really delved into The Body Shop's skincare but they had a Tea Tree one I might try if I get on with this.

Last, but not least, is the hand cream. I ran out of my Soap & Glory Hand Food and wanted to go for something different. The smell of this isn't nearly as divine as the Hand Food but bloody hell does it do the job. It sinks in fast and really moisturises well. And was £5. Win.

Do you love the Body Shop as much as me?

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