Friday, 7 June 2013

ELF Baked Blush Review & Swatches.

A little while ago I ordered some things from ELF, nearly completely blushes. I'm not called Blush or Nothing for no reason! In my mini ELF haul I ordered this baked blush which I thought would be a nice highlight. It is.

This is the the ELF Baked Blusher in the rather sheeny-shiny shade Pinktastic. This costs £3.75 and is available in the UK from the ELF website, though I believe it is available at drugstores in the US.

I like the packaging of this, the clear window means you can easily the the product. It is plastic but it doesn't feel too cheap or flimsy. However, there is no product name on the back which is irritating as if you have several you cannot tell which is which! You get 6g in this which is pretty decent and certainly not stingy - I won't be running out any time soon. The texture of this is hard but not chalky and is a little dusty but as I apply with my fingers I don't notice a problem and it still blends nicely into the skin.

This shows up as a shiny pinky champagne colour and is very pretty and a natural highlight in my skin. It is neither too gold or too cool, it has a perfect blend of both for a natural highlight. It applied very easily, as I have said I apply with my fingers and though it is a little dusty it doesn't fly all over the place.

I find that this gives a very natural finish on the skin. Blending a little out gives a natural glow but it can be built up for some serious shimmer. The lasting power of this is okay, depending on my foundation/concealer underneath. I can still see some on my cheekbones by the end of the day but it will have faded from my nose and cupids bow.

Safe to say I love this and would recommend it!

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