Monday, 3 June 2013

Natural Collection Cream Blush Review & Swatches.

I've another review today, and it's not only another blush, but another cream blush. I bought this a while ago but have only just got around to reviewing it - bad blogger!

This Natural Collection cream blush is available from Boots for the mere price of £1.99. Brownie points right there.

The packaging is a little squeezy tube which I have no complaints with, you can squeeze out enough for both cheeks easily. You get 9ml in the tube which I can't compare with anything I have as they are all cream compacts! However, considering the amount you need for both cheeks it is plenty.

This shade is Rosy Pink but I would say it shows up as more of a natural flush on my skin, not too pink at all. On me it shows up as a warm peachy pink and is quite sheer but can be layered to a deeper flush. Application is a breeze, I have used both a stippling brush and my fingers and liked the outcome. It's a very smooth cream, not at all sticky and blends out like a dream.

This dries to a powder finish, by which I mean it sets completely and isn't at all tacky on the skin.  I find that the staying power isn't incredible but pretty average, and it does all depend upon whether you prime, the foundation you use and if you powder over the top. I have used it and been able to see traces of it by the end of a work day which is pretty impressive.

Overall I really like this and will look into other colours. It's main selling points to me are the budget price and the formula - I've not seen anything else like this on the high street, it's all been solid cream compacts.
Have you tried the Natural Collection cream blushes? Will you?


  1. Natural collection was my first make-up brand, since then I've forgotten about them but this post has really helped me to remember their products! Thank you for that :)

    Lovely blog!

    Love, Lou xx

    1. They do have some real gems, I'm glad I could remind you x



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