Sunday, 23 June 2013

Review: The Apothecary Sugar scrub.

Hello there.
The sun came out last week so in uncontrollable excitement and with the prospect of actual skin on show to the actual public, I decided I needed me some body scrub. I was after a sugar scrub in particular and, wanting to keep things cheap, I headed for the ever-glorious TKMaxx.

Well, the sun came and went but the body scrub lives on. A quick Google search bore no fruit as to where you can actually get this, which is a shame because it is delightful. I can only recommend you check out TKMaxx, where I picked this one up for £3.99.

This is a fairly standard tub and is plastic as opposed to a fancier glass offering. This, for me, is a godsend as I am clusmier than a drunk daddy longlegs and will inevitably drop it on my foot in the shower trying to unscrew the lid - glass is heavy, people. Moving swiftly on, you get 16oz which is a lot, and will last a while. This stuff smells incredible - zesty and fresh. It's lemony, but isn't a sickly scent.

It is a fairly coarse scrub but not scratchy or rough at all.  It leaves my skin feeling super-smooth and it also has some kind of oil in it which means it's not too drying either.

Overall I really like this, it is super-exfoliating without being harsh and smells so refreshing in the morning.

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